Rickshaw Willie's LLC
                   330 289 0419
              You can't lose when you take a cruise on a rickshaw!
   Hey everybody, my name is Rickshaw Willie and I'm about to rock your world. I run a rickshaw business in beautiful downtown Akron, Ohio and  as I might add, the very first rickshaw service in our fine city. I can pedal you up and down Main Street while you enjoy the fresh air and take in the sites. I will save you time and save your feet.  My rickshaw is not only fun but its very affordable too. You want to talk about going green!  The only thing greener than my rickshaw is the grass we walk on and that grass is only green if we get rain, but my rickshaw is always green. So, if and when you're in our safe and beautiful downtown area you look for me, Rickshaw Willie then give me a shout and I will slide over to the side of the street and pick you up and get you to where you want to be.  While we're at the football game or downtown we can cheer for the blue and gold but we must always be thinking green. Thanks. I'll be looking for ya! Rickshaw Willie


        The Barley House is the HOT Spot to be for a night out on the town.  They have live music and games such as pool, darts and corn hole.  You can enjoy your favorite beverage with your favorite people in a safe and friendly environment.  The food is some of the best in town so there's really no need to go anywhere else.  The Barley House is like the mall for fun in downtown Akron.             
Pizza! You can't leave downtown Akron without trying a slice of Da Vinci's Pizza at 374 So. Main St. You can buy it by the slice or get a whole pizza at a very good price. Da Vinci's pizza is the fuel that keeps Ole Rickshaw Willie moving. Heck! Just grab a slice and go for a rickshaw ride. We'll call it the dine and dash.  I almost forgot to tell you. If Katie tells you to button up your jacket you had better button up because to most of us she is mom and what mom says goes.  
   The Peanut Shop at 203 S. Main St. in Akron is a must see place. With the friendly faces, the hot roasted peanuts,(roasted on location) and the old, very old pictures of downtown Akron hanging on the walls are worth the stop. They also sell yogurt and candy along with their freshly popped popcorn. Margie the owner and her staff are the nicest people you will ever meet. 
   Lets talk about the city and how safe it is. Akron's police department is there for all of us. And, they are the best around. I've witnessed very little trouble in downtown Akron but when I have, Akron's finest have been there. People ask me if Akron is safe. Yes! Akron is very safe. The Akron police are there to make sure you and your family and friends have a good time. Please respect them.      
    I would like to thank my friends in Broomfield, Colorado. The home of the finest made pedicab/bicycle rickshaws in the world. Dan, Steve, Ed and everyone who works at Main Street Pedicabs I want to thank you all. Thank you for everything. My health, which has improved substantially. My sanity, which my wife still questions, and for the new friends I've made in Akron this summer. I also want to thank them for helping me help myself. I'm what one would call an entrepreneur. I like the way that sounds. If you would like to see what Main Street Pedicabs can do for you then please call Dan at 303 295 3822 or go online and watch some really cool videos. That's what hooked me. www.pedicab.com